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1) Loaded validation data to ftp server for participants to access.

2) Fixed docker for evaluation script which was using an old version of sklearn for python. This was necessary to access the Balanced Accuracy Score method of sklearn. 

3) Test ran docker submission from Tahsin to simulate a participant. NIH has done the same thing and we got comparable results. NIH should be all set to run these dockers and MGH will be on standby if more resources are necessary.

Planned for next month

1) Setup test data on ftp server

2) Learn docker integrations of caMic and ePAD

We need to tell NIH to reserve two VMs instead of one to run participants submissions. Submissions may take days (2-3).
Bi-weekly Meeting #1 (canceled)


Bi-weekly Meeting #2



sklearn update in worker docker8/15/2019
Identified main evaluation metrics for participants8/12/2019


DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date
Some confusion on when testing phase submissions are allowedWorking with Tahsin and Spiridon to get clarityIn Progress8/31/2019--
Traversing notes about caMicroscope/EPad/TCIA integrationIn progressIn progress8/31/2019


DescriptionMitigationRankStatusCreation DateRealizationClose Date
Long evaluation time for participant submissionsMultiple VMs on NIH's side as well as MGH resources at the ready.1Pending8/31/2019----
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