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1) Implemented docker submissions for MedICI site (should work for upcoming challenges).

2) Made a MedICI PR static site to demonstrated the MedICI capabilities.

Planned for next month

1) Submit real dockers from MICCAI competition.

2) Make edits to PR website as needed.


Things that went well:

Things that could be improved:

Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2





DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date


DescriptionMitigationRankStatusCreation DateRealizationClose Date
The worker queue system in theory can handle multiple submissions by participants. Should that assumption not hold we could be in for a nasty surprise that this doesn't work as expected.Test real AI containers that can take up to half a day to run on the system and submit multiple containers.1In Progress1/13/2020----
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