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A quiet month due to Covid related projects and demands.

It is worth mentioning that I mapped out some database table joins for CodaLab V1 that might be helpful in the future. Attached below:

Planned for next month

1) Setup MICCAI 2020 competition.

2) Test docker submission on dummy MICCAI 2020 VM for practice


Things that went well:

  • Got the competition running
  • Learned how to implement https security through "certbot" certificates. Remember to put the certs created in the /codalab-competitions/certs/ folder and link to them in the .env file.
  • Got docker submissions implemented on the MICCAI 2020 VM. This is important because it proves I can migrate this functionality to other systems. Notes here.

Things that didn't go well or needs attention:

  • The initial MICCAI 2020 VM was the old MICCAI 2019 VM and upon implementing https I couldn't log in. I think it was due to my cache having old cookies, but nothing worked. A hard refresh did fix this upon a compete reinstall. Though since the 2020 site needed to be launched immediately we put it on a new VM. The old VM now is a staging environment for experimental features.
  • The docker submission works but still just prints a csv. I made a better docker (bbearce/make_file_docker:csv) you can find on dockerhub, that is loaded with different submissions for testing that you can call with CMD arguments to a "docker run" command. 
Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2



Docker submissions


Setup docker submission



DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date
Get a docker image with a deep learning algorithm embedded inside so that we can test actual resource requirements. This will require a GPU machine. StartedIn Progress




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