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1) Make edits to form for competition requests. Attached below is an outline of the flow.

2) Document docker submissions and reach out to CodaLab team to see if they want to integrate these changes. Also reach out for help in general.

3) See if CodaLab can help me add a feature to email all admins upon new forum post creation and edits.

Planned for next month

1) Make edits to PR website as needed.

  • Form
  • Contact Page (Email account)

2) Learn pyTorch basics to implement docker submission with AI algorithms inside them.

3) Acquire VM to test on. 


Things that went well:

  • Docker submissions are fully documented and working
  • MICCAI 2020 challenge is up and running. Participants are signing up. 
  • CodaLab responded and likes my edits and additions, but has security concerns about allowing participants "root" access via docker mounts and volumes. We will deliberate and brain storm possible solutions.

Things that could be improved:

  • Documentation for https should be added to CodaLab install
Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2



Docker submission in real challenge


Https enabled sites is figured out


CodaLab creators are interested in us helping add features and helping launch CodaLab V2


New Competition Request Form is finalized 



DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date
Update CodaLab installation with https instructionsnonepending




DescriptionMitigationRankStatusCreation DateRealizationClose Date

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