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1) Integrated Azure's Kubernetes \ Storage \ Networks \ VM pools \ and Docker Registry pieces with CodaLab with the help from Patrick Flickinger. 

2) Integrated Okta into CodaLab for the same project. Okat is a single sign on, federate identity based authentication system. This means we can use Partners IDs for signing in.

Planned for next month

1) In September I need to make the VM resource pool contain GPUs.

2) Test Phase ends  9/3 and participant finalists will need their Dockers run on the CBIT platform as well as at MGH.

3) Upload Carolyn's video to Medici website.


Things that went well:

  • Integration with Azure infrastructure:
  • Integration with Okta:
  • Miccai Test Phase is finishing up and we have 10 total submissions:
  • With an active forum:

Things that could be improved:

  • Azure integration is pretty basic still. We need to test a real algorithm on real GPUs.
  • What we want to see above is more columns for characterizing the performance of the algorithm: ['AUC','Sensitivity','Specificity','Positive Predictive Value (PPV)']. We want to allow participants to train and get an output of their model so far. 

Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2



  • Azure integration
  • Okta Integration
  • Miccai Test Phase is completed in a day (9/4)


DescriptionResolutionStatusCreation DateClose Date

Get sample pneumonia algorithm running on Azure VM

Need to increase quotapending



Get pools of VMs in Azure integration to be based on GPU machines

Depends on above taskpending




DescriptionMitigationRankStatusCreation DateRealizationClose Date
If we can't get GPU machines hooked up to Kebernetes in Azure then we can't run algorithmsExecute above tasks and get help from Patrick and or Azure support team1pending


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