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Jayashree Kalpathy-CramerYes
Ulli WagnerYes
Carolyn KlingerYes
Benjamin BearceYes

Currently supported challenges

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Training data

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Test data
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Closing DateWill the challenge remain open?Comments

SPIE-AAPM-NCI DAIR Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Lesion Detection Challenge (DBTex)

Phase 2




132 registrants

9 submissions

Challenge completed. The validation phase remains open.
Deep-learning for inverse problems: sparse-view X-ray Computed Tomography image reconstruction

Emil Sidky (UChicago)

Here's a link for the Challenge description/rules/timeline:

Challenge Location:

Related to AAPM Annual meeting in July

3/17/2021March 31, 2021May 17, 2021123 registrants5/31/2021


In validation phase

Ben & Emil are testing

Data are on an FTP server.

Ben set up an Azure container to download the data for two participants.

Tasks / Deliverables

TaskDue DateDeliverableStatus

Support of at least new two challenges


Reopen three previously executed challenges

  • process the results of new submissions
  • update the leaderboards
  • inform participants of their results

Maintain and update the website8/30/2021

  • Capturing and providing metrics on the use of the MedICI website

Investigate Google analytics plug-in - DONE (2021/04/01)

391 page views, 107 users over the last 12 months

  • Capturing and providing metrics on the challenges

Investigate the use of MedICI for federated learning challenges



  • need to understand what is meant by "federated learning"
  • review report
  • have a discussion with Keyvan
  • determine if MedICI is suited for support of federated challenges
  • if yes, what needs to be done to make it suitable
  • find time for discussion during the week of November 15

Investigate the integration of MedICI with Kheops



Presentation: NCI Imaging Informatics Webinar

The recordings are towards the bottom of the page.



The report was finalized on  

Support the deployment of MedICI in NCI cloud environments8/30/2021

App scan found vulnerabilities, Ben fixed them, app needs to be tested with test cases that are provided by Codalab, Ben needs to familiarize himself with the test suite. Codalab needs to be app scanned again.

Codalab can connect to various storage places: Azure, AWS, GCP

2021/04/15 - NCI is hardening security which makes deployment much harder. NCI VMs are not allowed to talk to cloud environments. Kevin is investigating workarounds. The goal is to run an app scan. 

Keyvan suggested trying a Codalab deployment on Google cloud outside of the NCI network. Keyvan will investigate.

Discussion items



Action items

Upcoming challenges
  • COVID challenge (Randy Gollub, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer)

Information sharing

Monthly status reports
add Monday NCI cloud email to the monthly status report

NCI MedICI installation
CodaLab on AWS, Codalab's older version is still working, and some developers check-in code. The newer version (Python 3) had the last commit in August 2020. Deploying on a different cloud platform (AWS) and within the NCI environment is difficult. 

Contract / invoice status / SOW
  • Authorization to Proceed was issued, covers the month of September
  • Contract mod will follow
  • Invoice ending 8/30/2020 - in progress
  • Invoice 8/31/2020
  • Cost proposal for the new contract year: FNLCR will request a modification to the cost proposal -  Done.

PIV card / GFE laptop / VPN

VPN access

The draft will be submitted by September 15, 2020. - Not received

  • Hold the work on the video for now

Strategy meeting
  • review paper
  • open challenges back up (contract / funding)
  • website

Action items