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Activities completed this month

Planned for next month
  • MIDRC Challenge 0 which will feature docker submissions as well as the Image Comparator app and a jupyter notebook for annotator analysis. - Still waiting on credits for Azure use.
    • UPDATE (3/31/2022): Infrastructure is built and now we are editing the template challenge to be the real challenge. 
  • Federated Learning Challenge: 
    • Still need VPN access to environment.
    • Kendall Schmidt (from ACR) and Holger Roth (from NVIDIA) are creating a bash script that kicks off a participant container. 
    • I will be in charge of orchestrating the start of that script from the MedICI website.
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team): 
    • Adding more functionality to the highlights page for the addition of dynamic news.
  1. Continue getting CodaLab running on NCI's network and VMs:
    1. Issues:
      1. Credentials for AWS bucket not active and we cannot talk to the bucket. Need to reach out to Tony Bigham ( to get those refreshed. 
      2. On my local machine I deployed the updated CodaLab code and tried connecting to my own S3 bucket instance. I noticed that there is a javascript error making the request to the bucket. I need to setup up a similar but more simple setup to figure out how to upload data to s3 via javascript http requests so that I can trouble shoot the error on NCI's system and or mine. If we could use Azure, this might be resolved.
    2. UPDATE (01_31_2022): May have a work around with a storage service called MINIO.
    3. UPDATE (03_31_2022): The CodaLab (Open Source Team) has updates to the python2 → python3 update branch on github and I think it will work on NCI's network.

Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2



Fed Learning Challenge for MICCAI underway


Python3 version of CodaLab may be ready for NCI's environment.


Task in Progress

Launching DL-Sparse Challenge from Emil soon. This is version 2.






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