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Activities completed this month

  • MIDRC is up and running and challenge details are being ironed out:
    • Training Phase underway and participants are submitting the provided template to practice submitting docker images.
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team):
    • Wrote some notes for them regarding various demos we get from Tyler Thomas, a contract worker for CodaLab.
  • Federated learning challenge:
  • True-CT Challenge
    • There were some upload data issues where participants were getting permission denied when trying to sign into their sftp file shares.
    • Otherwise things are good and we have pushed the phase to submit back to May 31st.
  • DL-SPARSE Challenge
    • We are in the validation phase and data for that phase has been updated:
      • ground truth
      •  test set has been added to sftp server
  • SIRPRISE Challenge
    • There may be an email bug so working with Diane to iron that out. UPDATE: I believe we fixed this. Sometimes though CodaLab is blocked and emails are sent to spam. Not sure how to deal with that yet.
    • Challenge is over on the 23rd due to supply issues of some chemicals. 
Planned for next month
  • MIDRC Challenge 0
    • UPDATE (3/31/2022): Infrastructure is built and now we are editing the template challenge to be the real challenge. 
    • UPDATE (4/29/2022): Training phase is underway and participants are testing submissions.
  • Federated Learning Challenge: 
    • Still need VPN access to environment.
    • Kendall Schmidt (from ACR) and Holger Roth (from NVIDIA) are creating a bash script that kicks off a participant container. 
    • I will be in charge of orchestrating the start of that script from the MedICI website.
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team): 
    • I need to draft a SOW to work with the team and become a contract worker with them
    • Launch local version of CodaBench and see if we can get some old challenges to run.
  1. Continue getting CodaLab running on NCI's network and VMs:
    1. UPDATE (01_31_2022): May have a work around with a storage service called MINIO.
    2. UPDATE (04_29_2022): The CodaLab (Open Source Team) has updates to the python2 → python3 update branch on github and I think it will work on NCI's network. However I think it is better to spend time working on CodaBench to get the new version working so that we aren't constantly behind when serving challenges and integrating with new software. It's taking lots of time to maintain older challenges while trying to work on new code. 

Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2


MIDRC Challenge Underway (might get pushed to May 5th, but it's live)


Task in Progress

FL Learning Challenge deploy
Working out GPU VM worker for MIDRC






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