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Activities completed this month

  • MIDRC is up and running and challenge details are being ironed out:
    • Challenge ended and we turned off the GPU. The MIDRC challenge organizer are pleased and will use us in the future. (smile)
    • Details about more metrics in the scoring program have been discussed. They want a way to convey how confident we are in the results and performance of the algorithm.
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team):
    • The team has created a new dev VM for me and I have deployed Codabench and am in the process of identifying all challenge examples and testing all possible combos of submissions to see what is and is not working. 
    • I'm them going to try some old challenges from MedICI to see how well they work.
  • Federated learning challenge:
    • Participants continue to register here:
    • We have run the first submission from a participant and are tracking the leaderboard in a spreadsheet. An email account was created for the challenge to correspond with the participants.
    • Development is ongoing regarding integrating the scoring program and finishing the FL workflow automation.
Planned for next month
  • Federated Learning Challenge: 
    • Finish automation workflow and get participant submissions to run through MedICI
    • Finish docker upload email notification
    • Debug the sign up bug we have where the website hangs
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team): 
    • Identify all challenges\submissions that don't work as expected
    • Check in any code changes  as needed to fix issues found
Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2

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