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Activities completed this month
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team):
    • We got the GPU worker working. I had deployed one temporarily and the Codalab team also created one and got it to work!
    • Automated tests now pass! (
    • Check in any code changes as needed to fix issues found. We are moving into a phase where we are getting users to use Codabench. 
      • FAIR UNIVERSE – A group of people organizing competitions. This is good practice for testing Codabench.
  • Met with below groups on future directions of their challenges (we meet again in two-three weeks to check progress):
    • DGM-Image Statistics challenge: Deep Generative Modeling for Learning Medical Image Statistic
    • TACTIC: Understanding Time-Activity Curve and Time-Integrated Activity Variations in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Challenge
  • MIDRC:
    • Challenge is going well. 4-5 active users making sample submissions out of 35.
Planned for next month
  • Federated Learning Challenge:
    • Finalize runs on MGH data and check in with team for any retrospective.
  • CodaLab (Open Source Team):
    • Reviewing a teammate's code.
    • Next step is to fix a competition creation bug where organizers can make challenges using the UI.
  • MIDRC:
    • Validation phase is beginning and we will see what that brings
  • Image Annotion App updates:
    • Adding the concept of users
    • Creating a cleaned up image upload, app image list creation and task creation functionality set tied to the user.
    • More updates to come including:
      • easy to use tools creation interface or functionality
      • possible integration with OHIF
      • MonaiLabel integration for better segmentation control.
      • updated bootstrap (style)
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Bi-weekly Meeting #2


Bi-weekly Meeting #3


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