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Activities completed this month

    • Federated learning challenge:
      • We still need to run the final two participant submissions but that will have to wait till November.
    • Image Comparator App:
      • Finished adding authentication to the app. Users can sign up and be signed in, log in and log out
Planned for next month
  • Federated Learning Challenge: 
    • Finalize runs on MGH data and check in with team for any retrospective. 
  • Codalab\Codabench (Open Source Team): 
    • Working on a bug with the manual competition creator
  • Challenges Emily brought to the table (Meetings beginning in early Oct and they run roughly from Jan\Feb - May):
    • I still need to review a bit more but essentially they will have their own custom leaderboard and we will pre-build docker images for them to make sure they build fine
    • Then we will scp the images to their computers for analysis.
    • I finished understanding challenge details and am making the scoring program
    • DGM-Image Statistics challenge: Deep Generative Modeling for Learning Medical Image Statistic
    • TACTIC: Understanding Time-Activity Curve and Time-Integrated Activity Variations in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Challenge
  • MIDRC:
    • Not sure if we have more plans yet but I think there will be new challenge ideas
Bi-weekly Meeting #1


Bi-weekly Meeting #2


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