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The Predictive Oncology Model and Data Clearinghouse (MoDaC) is a data-sharing repository developed to transition assets to the broader research community. These assets include datasets and software models from computational capabilities developed within NCI and in collaborative programs, including the Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer (JDACS4C) Program and the Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine (ATOM) Consortium

MoDaC supports the community priority for making both data and predictive models FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). MoDaC also fosters reproducibility and supports collaborations among groups developing computational predictive models, including collaborations with the US Department of Energy.

The following table summarizes the tasks you can perform in the MoDaC web application (GUI) or REST API:

TasksRequires Signup or Permission?Interface
  • Search for publicly available assets by metadata keywords
  • View the metadata associated with a collection
  • Download data to Globus endpoint, AWS S3 bucket, Google Drive folder, or file system
Yes, requires signupGUI and API
  • View status of downloads to Globus, AWS, or Google Drive folder
Yes, requires signupGUI only
  • Upload data
Yes, requires signup and upload permissionGUI and API
  • View upload status
  • Manage group access
  • Manage edit permissions
  • Edit metadata
  • Delete your own file or empty collection
Yes, requires signup and upload permissionGUI only

For more information on the MoDaC REST API, select About > API Documentation.

For instructions on signing up, refer to Registering Your User Account. To request permission to upload data, select AboutContact. For details, refer to Contacting Us.


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