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To newly install the NBIA 7.1 GA application and services, follow these steps.

Before you begin!

  • You must install NBIA into a pre-installed Tomcat application server. The installation of NBIA will configure the Tomcat for running NBIA Portal and optional NBIA REST Service.
  • You must install NBIA into a pre-existing MySQL database using a connection username/password.

Downloading NBIA 7.1 GA Files

The installation file for NBIA 7.1 GA can be downloaded from the NBIA distribution folder, which contains the installers and latest release notes. For a command-line installer, download nbia_install_7.1 Remember the download location, as you will be using this file to run the installation in the steps that follow.

Server Components in NBIA

CTP is installed and configured as part of the NBIA 7.1 GA installation. You do not need to do anything further to download or install the CTP server.

You can also pick and choose the components to install by commenting out or un-commenting the property in the file. exclude.<component name> For example, if there is no need to install the CTP server, just remove the "#" in front of the default setting "#exclude.ctp=true".

Installing NBIA 7.1 GA

Command-Line Method of Installation

About Properties

An important component of NBIA 7.1 GA command-line installation is configuring properties. 

When you perform a command-line installation of NBIA 7.1 GA for the first time, you work with the file that is included in NBIA_install_7.1 Refer to the sample file as well as more explanation of each property in the NBIA 7.1 Configuration Properties. To upgrade from NBIA 6.0 to NBIA 7.1 GA, a fresh deployment of NBIA 7.1 GA is required with a database upgrade using the command-line installer. For more information, see Upgrading NBIA to 7.1 GA.

In several instances in this section, property values must be modified. Note the following points about changing or entering variables.

Tips for working with property files

  • The paths in the .properties files should use forward slashes. For example, you would use application.base.path.window=C:/apps/NBIA, not application.base.path.window=C:\apps\NBIA. If you use backslashes, you will experience undesirable results.
  • You should not put any spaces in the property values of *.properties files (for example, In Windows, note that the C:\Documents and Settings{ }<username> path contains spaces and the installation will likely fail. If you are using Windows, use a path such as C:/apps/NBIA.
  • In the file, any property value marked with uppercase REPLACE_* must be manually updated with the appropriate value.
  • In each .properties file, any property value marked with lowercase replace_* be optionally updated with the appropriate value.
  • In many of the steps below, there is a reference to a database.system.user for your MySQL server. To determine which users have full privileges to create and manage other databases, type show grants from a MySQL prompt to determine the correct level of privileges.
  • After installing NBIA 7.1 GA, a second properties file,, is created in the lib directory of Tomcat. To edit those properties, shut down Tomcat, edit the file, and then restart Tomcat.

NBIA port values

Verify that default port values defined in the file are not in use on your system by running netstat --a from the command line. If the ports are in use prior to installation, you will likely experience problems with your installation.

Installing NBIA Using the Command-line Method

To install a new instance of NBIA 7.1 GA using the command-line, follow these steps:

  1. From the directory where you downloaded, unzip the files into a fresh directory. In this documentation, this location is referred to as the <installer_directory>.
    Example: <installer directory> = C:\NBIA_7_1_installer.

    Property values are important!

    Setting the property values is an important step in the installation process. Before you complete steps 2 and 3, review About Properties. Follow steps 2 and 3 carefully.

  2. Open <installer_directory>/, modify the values for your environment, and save the file.
    For detailed information on all of the properties, refer to NBIA 7.1 GA properties documentation.
    At a minimum, you will likely need to modify the values for the following properties: 

    System user and password and database name, user, and password should be the same for UPT and NBIA For more information, see 4 - Installing and Configuring Software.


    Default values

    You should not need to modify the other default values as the application uses unique ports to reduce the risk of other applications using the same values. However, be sure to verify that the ports in this file are not being used by other applications.

  3. From the command line, navigate to <installer_directory> (Example: cd C:/NBIA_7_1_installer), and type ant. This initiates the installation process. The anticipated duration is anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on your system's speed, power, and memory. The installer installs the NBIA schema in the specified pre-existing database in your database server. It configures and starts the Tomcat server for the web application and it installs and starts the CTP server.
  4. To verify NBIA installation, do the following:

    1. Open your web browser to http://<tomcat.server.hostname>:8080/ncia

    2. Refer to the installer_directory;/ file for the correct values.

    3. Log in with ncidevtest as the user and changeme as the password. 

  5. After successfully installing NBIA, make a backup of the <installer_directory>/ file in a different directory for future reference.

  6. Start NBIA.

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