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The NBIA team is pleased to announce the release of version 6.0 of the National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA). This release significantly improves the user interface and simple and advanced search, and adds text search capability, shared list improvements, annotation exports, a new REST API, as well as bug fixes to the QC Tool.

Simple Search

The NBIA Simple Search interface has been redesigned to provide rapid access to the most used criteria and functionality such as "add to basket." The search now provides instant access to search results.  

Simple Search in NBIA 6.0

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search now makes it easier to quickly add, modify, and delete criteria. It provides instant results.

Advanced Search in NBIA 6.0

Text Search

Powered by the addition of Apache Solr to NBIA, the user interface now allows complete searching across the database fields, DICOM files, and annotation files from a single Google-like interface.

Text search interface in NBIA 6.0

Shared List

The Administrator can delete the shared list that any users creates and send a notification email to the list creator. Non-administrator users can now delete shared lists that they create.

Shared list interface in NBIA 6.0

Annotation Export

Added new Export Image Metadata button to the My Data Basket page. Clicking this button exports the descriptions into a CSV file that is ordered by Collection, patient ID, Study Date, Series Description, and Series UID. The CSV file includes all of the following fields in the output: Collection, Patient ID Study Date, Study Description, Modality, Series Description, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Model, Software Version, and Series UID.

Annotation Export interface in NBIA 6.0


NBIA now has a REST API that is based on the one that TCIA uses.

Query NameReturn ValuesOutput FormatQuery Key 1Query Key 2Query Key 3Query Key 4Query Key 5Query Key 6
getSeriesSet of series objects filtered by query keysCSVcollection (O)modality (O)body_part (O)manufacturer (O)patient_id (O)study_instance_uid (O)
getPatientStudySet of patient/study objects filtered by query keysCSVcollection (O)modality (O)body_part (O)manufacturer (O)patient_id (O)study_instance_uid (O)
getModalityValuesSet of all modality values (CT, MR, etc.) filtered by query keysCSVcollection (O)modality (O)body_part (O)manufacturer (O)  
getManufacturerValuesSet of all manufacturer names filtered by query keysCSVcollection (O)modality (O)body_party (O)manufacturer (O)  
getImagesSet of images in a zip fileZIPseries_instance_uid (R)     
getCollectionValuesSet of all collection namesCSVcollection (O)modality (O)body_part (O)manufacturer (O)  
getBodyPartValuesSet of all body party names filtered by query keysCSVcollection (O)modality (O)body_part (O)manufacturer (O)  

Section 508 Compliance

NBIA has improved its compliance with Section 508, increasing accessibility to the application for people with disabilities.

Documentation and Support

Detailed release notes and a user's guide are available.

For groups interested in installing NBIA 6.0 locally, consult the NBIA 6.0 Installation Guide.

Getting Support

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