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The NBIA team is pleased to announce the release of version 6.4 of the National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA). This release provides the following features and enhancements, which are briefly described on this page.

Integrated User Authorization Toolkit

The CSM/UPT toolkit dependency has been removed from NBIA and has been replaced with an integrated user authorization tool. This has the following benefits:

  • Greatly simplifies installation by no longer requiring the installation and configuration of UPT.
  • Allows access to user authorization directly from within the portal.
  • The tool uses the new paradigm of a REST API hooked into the front end, allowing developers to build their own interfaces with the API,
  • Uses Angular 2 for the front end for a modern look and feel.

User Authorization Tool

Replacement of JBoss with Tomcat

NBIA is now run on the Tomcat server. Changing to Tomcat allows for

  • removal of all licensing issues associated with JBoss,
  • simplified application deployment and administration,
  • deployment to the most widely used application servers, and
  • complex JEE modules have been replaced with simplified code using Spring.

Apache Tomcat and the Apache Software Foundation logos

Improved QC Workflow Flags

New flags have been added to the QC Tool to improve workflow. This includes:

  • Configurable flag names
  • Released flag
  • Batch number that can be set via CTP
  • Confirmed as complete

QC Tool page, highlighting the new workflow flags in the Search Criteria section

Integrated REST API

The search screens within NBIA have been updated to use an open API to perform their operations. This OAuth2-secured API can be used by application developers to create their own front ends for the NBIA business logic using any tool they choose.


Sorting for Download Manager

Download Manager now sorts the series. This allow users to better distinguish which series have already been downloaded.

NBIA Download Manager

caGrid Code Cleanup

All caGrid code and artifacts have been removed from NBIA. This cleanup simplifies the environment and lowers the learning curve for new developers.

Java window showing code

Java 8 Update

The new version of NBIA runs on Java 8, allowing the application to use the latest security and support from Java.

Java 8 logo

Manage Shared List API

A secure REST API for creating and deleting shared lists has been added. This allows the management of Shared Lists from other tools.

Documentation about the Create Shared List API and Delete Shared List API

Documentation and Support

Detailed release notes and a user's guide is available.

For groups interested in installing NBIA 6.4 locally, consult the NBIA 6.4 Installation Guide.

Getting Support

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