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Washington University at St Louis

PI: Kooresh Shoghi ( )

Project TitleWashington University Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource

Project 1: Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Project 2: ER2+/HER2- Breast Cancer

Duke University

PI:  Cristian Badea (

Project: The Duke Preclinical Research Resources for Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers

MD Anderson Cancer Center

PI: Henry Charles Manning (

Project: MDACC Predict (Previous VU Predict)

University of Pennsylvania

PI: Rong Zhou (

Project: Penn Quantitative MRI Resource for Pancreatic Cancer

University of Michigan

PI: Brian D. Ross (

Project: University of Michigan Quantitative Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource

Baylor College of Medicine*/UT Austin/Stanford

PI: Michael Lewis (

Project: Integrating Omics and Quantitative Imaging Data in Co-Clinical Trials to Predict Treatment Response in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

University of California, San Francisco

PI: John Kurhanewicz (

Project: Co-Clinical Quantitative Imaging of Small Cell Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer Using Hyperpolarized 13C MRI

University of Washington*/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center/Brigham and Women's Hospital

PI: Paul Kinahan (

Project: A Quantitative PET/CT Research Resource for Co-Clinical Imaging of Lung Cancer Therapies

Stanford University

PI: Daldrup-Link (

Project: Co-Clinical Research Resource for Imaging Tumor-Associated Macrophages

A highlight of CIRP Projects

See Peehl DM, et al. Animal Models and Their Role in Imaging-assisted Co-clinical Trials. Tomography 2023, 9, 657–680.

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