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The Protege client references a file called "plugins.repository" to determine which plugins should be installed on the client.  The default location for the plugins.repository for the production client is at This repository points to the location of the individual plugin configuration files.

Example plugins.repository:

// ***** CURRENT PLUG-INS (alphabetical ordering) *****

// NCI Edit Tab

// NCI Search Tab


There are currently 7 plugin projects referenced by the plugins.repository

NCI Edit Tab:

NCI Search Tab:

Metaproject Admin:

Revision History:


EVS History:


The individual files will contain information about each plugin including, name, version and jar location.

Example from the NCI Edit Tab

name=NCI Edit Tab
author=Bob Dionne

Each individual plugin has this structure.  It is intended to allow use and testing of plugins on different tiers without cross-interference.





Plugin deployment practices

When the developer checks in a new plugin they will update the src/main/resources/ for that individual plugin in github.

They will then notify the protege admin when it is ready for testing.  Upon notification, the protege admin will copy the src/main/resources/ into src/main/resources/dev-qa/

When the project enters User Acceptance testing on the Stage tier, the should be copied into src/main/resources/stage/

When the plugin is ready to go into production, the should be copied into src/main/resources/prod/

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