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Development Focus

Release Date


Removed Workflow and other small fixes

September 1, 2015


Bug fix release

June 2015


Update tech stack compatibility for move to new server farm at Shady Grove

March 10, 2015


  • To provide the remaining bugs fixes found in previous Protégé releases that have been determined to be a priority for the final release of Protégé. Currently, no further development of the NCI EditTab on the Protégé 3.x code base is planned.

February 7, 2010


  • Hardening of production requirements:
    • Server concurrency and performance
    • Robustness/QC
    • Wiki collaboration
    • Runtime classification
    • Internationalization
    • Configurability
    • Batch job robustness and performance
  • Performance and concurrence with Protégé

September 27, 2010


  • Enhancements to Query tab querying and reporting
  • Put into maintenance mode of operation in lieu of actively developing new releases of the product containing new features.
  • Protégé v1.4 is planned to be the last major release of NCI Protégé

November 3, 2009


  • Database inclusion to support OWL imports
  • Changes ontology tracking done in the background
  • Concurrency management in Run Time Classification
  • Increased Performance of the Prompt User tab
  • Run time classification
  • Advanced Query Plugin reporting capability
  • Additional configurability
  • Enabled complex properties to be brought into the wiki

May 19, 2009


  • NCI Workflow Tab added

February 2008


  • Enhancements to PROMPT and Query Tab rendering
  • Consolidation of configuration files
  • Explanation service UI integrated as Explanation Tab

December 2007


  • Incremental release; increased usability of the plug-in.

September 2007


  • Initial release of the NCI EditTab Plug-in for Protégé.

June 2007