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This is the UAT and deployment schedule as of 1/12/2017


ActivityStart DateEnd Date
Development on RC1 based on accumulated feedback and bug reportsJan 9Feb 17
Editor training sessionsFeb 23Feb 24
UATFeb 27Mar 3
Bug fixes based on UAT Mar 17
QA Mar 31
Go/No go Mar 31

Protege 3.x Prompt and OWL baseline export

  • Protege 3 server shut down for the duration of the conversion, and back up for dual editing
 Apr 3
Conversion of OWL1 to OWL2Apr 3Apr 5
Dual editingApr 6May 4


Deployment activities

  • Prompt and Export from P3 (P3 editing will cease at this point)
  • Conversion to OWL2 (rob)
  • Generate history -> from P3, evs_history, concept_history (tracy) and copy to archive directories (created by gilberto)

Editing diffs

  •    a. Content
    • Owl1 i->f diff  (tracy)
    • Owl2 i->f diff
    • Result:  some items were edited in P3 and not P5; some items were edited in both but were retreed in P5; quite a few items were done in P3 and not P5
  •    b. P3 history analysis and P5 history analysis (gilber)
    • number of concepts edited
    • number of concept mods
    • number of concept rets
    • number of concepts split
    • number of concepts merge
    • number of concepts created
    • Result:  match content diffs, except w TQ, batch jobs history recording bug (fixed), and EHD, excluding MERGE dual edit bug (fixed)


Setup environment

    • property ranges
    • reset P3 codegenerator if necessary
    • create archive locations
    • edit metaproject for archive locations
    • copy evs_history from P3 to P5 runtime & archive location
    • copy concept_history from P3 to P5 archive location
    • deploy 1.005 
    • update client in ftp site to 1.005 (ready to go)
    • (bob) push two plugins from dev to prod








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