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The publishable history files will be located at /priv-file-repo/protege/archive/Production-History.  The source history files will be located in /priv-file-repo/PROD/NCIT/<hash>/<datetime>.  The operations team will be responsible for updating the publishable history directory with the appropriate source files and generating a history file that can be loaded into LexEVS.

The protege editors are responsible for generating the source history files.  Editors do a review and "squash" of edits weekly, which will generate a squash folder with two temporary history files.  Those are not used for producing the publishable history.  At end of month the workflow manager will do a full export of history.  This will generate the datetime folder and the 3 history files we are interested in.

  • ncitevs_history - this is all the raw history edits since the last export
  • cumulative_ncitevs_history - this is all the raw history edits since history was first recorded, including the current month
  • ncitconcept_history - this is a scrubbed history with editor names and duplicate modifiy records removed.
         |    |_NCIT
         |    |   |_hash1
         |    |   |   |_datetime (monthly history)
         |    |   |   |    |_cumulative_ncitevs_history
         |    |   |   |    |_ncitconcept_history
         |    |   |   |    |_ncitevs_history
         |    |   |   |_squash-datetime (weekly history)
         |    |   |   |    |_history
         |    |   |   |    |_history-snapshot
         |    |   |   |_...
         |    |   |_hash2
         |    |   |_...
         |    |_cumulative_history.txt
         |    |_cumulative_ncitconcept_history
         |    |_cumulative_ncitevs_history


EVS History

The cumulative_ncitevs_history is the detailed history written for internal purposes. It includes editor names and the exact date of any and all modifications to the concepts.  Protege creates a full, cumulative EVS history with every history export.  This file needs to merely be copied from the source directory to the Production-History, overwriting the file that is there.

Concept History

The ncitconcept_history is a scrubbed version of history that removes editor names and eliminates duplicate modifies within the same month.  While internal review might find it important that a concept has been edited 5 times in a month, external users are only informed that there have been modifications since the last release. The monthly history process examines the raw ncitevs_history and throws out all of the extra, uninformative modify records.  The resulting ncitconcept_history only shows records since the last history export.  It needs to be manually appended to the cumulative_ncitconcept_history in the Production_History folder.

cp priv-file-repo/protege/archive/PROD/NCIT/<hashversion>/<datetime>/* /priv-file-repo/protege/archive/Production-History

cp cumulative_ncitconcept_history cumulative_ncitconcept_history.bak

cat ncitconcept_history >> cumulative_ncitconcept_history

The cumulative_ncitconcept_history must be reformatted in order to be loadable into the LexEVS terminology server.  This is done using Format_History on the processing server.  When formatting is complete, the output file "concept_history.txt" should be copied back to the Production-History folder as a backup.

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