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This page explains the operational procedure for maintaining optimal Protégé performance and managing the publication of data.

There are two aspects to Protégé operations:

Updating the Protégé application

The Protégé application is undergoing active, continual development. EVS has extended Protégé using the following plug-ins:

  • NCI Edit tab
  • NCI Workflow tab
  • NCI Code Generator
  • NCI Changes tab
  • Chat tab
  • Prompt tab

As we continue to develop these plug-ins, they need to be tested and eventually moved into the production editing environment.

Publishing Protégé data

This section discusses three aspects of publishing Protégé data:


The information about publishing to BiomedGT is provided for historical purposes.

Publishing to the BiomedGT Wiki

This section discusses two typical scenarios for publishing to the BiomedGT Wiki from Protégé:

Publishing a single concept

In this scenario, an editor edits a concept, saves the edited concept, and clicks a Publish button to push the changed data to the Wiki.

Publishing structural changes to vocabulary

Administrators sometimes make the following administrative changes to the vocabulary:

  • Add new roles
  • Remove roles (rarely occurs)
  • Add properties
  • Modify list values

After the administrator makes structural changes, those changes are migrated to the wiki through a manual load process.

Publishing of NCI Thesaurus and BiomedGT to LexBIG (evsapi 4.0)

We will use the LexBIG application to support the evsapi 4.0 and future versions. LexBIG can directly import OWL-formatted data. We will also need to implement several QA processes to support publishing to LexBIG.

Learn more about the procedure for publishing BiomedGT data to LexBIG and the DTS.