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Starting April 6, 2020, you’ll notice a new home page and experience a new “look and feel” for individual wiki spaces. Although this change impacts both public and private NCI Wiki spaces, it won’t affect Collaborate (another wiki that can only be accessed by NCI staff).

Get familiar with the changes:

  • Create a bookmark to the NCI Wiki.
  • Log in to the NCI Wiki to view the personalized features on the home page, which include a list of spaces customized to your access and the ability to filter the activity list by Favorites and Watches.
  • Visit a wiki space you work with regularly to try out the new look and feel.
  • View the spaces that are available to you by clicking Spaces from the homepage.

Access Administrative Tools

With this change, you have a new way to access your administrative tools. Just open a space and click the second button to the right of the space name to find them.

The Imaging-NBIA home page on the NCI Wiki, highlighting the button to the right of the space name as well as the administrative dialog box it opens, that includes the Content, Space Tools, and Admin tools.

Create a Wiki Page or Space

The way you start creating a new page or wiki space is different in this new theme. To do so, you must log in first. Next, do one of the following.

Create a Wiki Page

  1. Hover your mouse over the Create button, which is a circle with a plus sign inside button. The Create Content option appears Create Content button and label.
  2. Click Create Content. The Create window appears, with your selection at the Blank Page option. Keep that selection or select a different option and then click Create. To learn more about pages in Confluence, refer to the following Atlassian help page: 

    Pages and blogs  Exit Disclaimer logo

Create a Wiki Space

To learn more about spaces in Confluence, refer to the following Atlassian help page:

Spaces Exit Disclaimer logo

If the Create a space button is not visible, contact for assistance with creating a new wiki space.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow! Well done. Congratulations!

  2. I agree with Anonymous, Klinger, Carolyn (NIH/NCI) [C]. Awesome work on the wiki design! Congrats!