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This post shows how the excerpt function works in a list of blog posts created with the Blog Post macro. After 500 characters, the post appear to stop mid-sentence, and the reader can click the title to go to the original post and finish reading the entry. This function is useful when a title may not have enough information for the reader to decide whether it is valuable to read the entire post. The information shown in the list of blog posts is kept to a minimum. Blog posts are useful for providing information about events and developments as they occur. The CBIIT Speaker Series wiki uses blog posts to announce the speakers. Announcements could also include things like new clinical trials or new study results using a particular application. These posts could include a large amount of information (such as an abstract).  A post of that size would push all the other posts down on the page far enough that users might not see other posts of interest.

This is a new blog post, to show how the Blog Post macro works.

This post demonstrates the Blog Post macro.