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You can add a child page for content that is related to the content of a page, but more specific. In Confluence, each page is the child page of another. Even the wiki home page of a space is the child page of the space root.

  1. Open the wiki page that will be the parent page of the new page. 
  2. Click the Create Content icon in the upper right. 
  3. Select the template you want to use. For example, you can select a Confluence template (blueprint) or a site template. To create an entry in the blog for the wiki space, select Blog post.
  4. Click Create. The editing window opens. (To select a different location, click the location icon.)  
  5. Type a title for the page or blog post. Alphanumeric characters and the following special characters are acceptable:
    • period (.)
    • dash (-) 
    • parentheses
  6. However, other special characters in a page title can cause a login error. For more details, refer to the following pages:  
  7. Type your content just as you would in Microsoft Word.
  8. When you are finished, click Save.

For more information about entering content, refer to Editing a Page. Also refer to the following Atlassian help pages:

The list of templates shows the templates available in the space where you are adding the page. There is one template available in all spaces on this site, New NCI Wiki Page.  It places a table of contents on the page, with sample content.

How to apply a template and have it updated each time the template is updated

Use the live template macro, as explained on the page Template that Changes on Pages when the Template is Updated - Live Template.

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