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Wiki management and technical documentation support is available to CBIIT project teams and (non-CBIIT) NCI teams.

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How to Request Help

Send the following information in an email message to the NCI Leidos-CBIIT Documentation Team.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your organization (spell out acronyms)
  • Your request (Notice the suggested tasks below.)

Determining Level of Effort

The documentation team can work with the Technical Project Manager to develop a level-of-effort estimate for documentation support. To start this process, provide the following information in an email to the NCI Leidos-CBIIT Technical Documentation Team:

  • JIRA issues explaining new features
  • URL to Development and/or QA servers
  • Functional requirements document
  • Any other supporting documentation that describes how the features will be implemented
  • Development schedule
  • Budget available for technical documentation

Upon request, the documentation team can create a detailed documentation plan to estimate the time required to complete the work, confirm the scope of the project, and agree on deliverables. To improve the plan's accuracy, send as much of the information above as possible to the technical writer as soon as possible.

Wiki Management Tasks

The documentation team can help make a project successful by performing the following tasks and others.

  • Remediating wiki pages for Section 508-compliance
  • Wiki restructuring (creating standard headings on home page, grouping items such as status reports together, and so on)

If you want to create or update an LDAP group and/or wiki space, complete the New Wiki LDAP Group or Space Application.

Technical Documentation Support Tasks

The documentation team can help make a project successful by performing the following tasks and others.

  • Updating existing user documentation for new release
  • Writing user documentation for initial release
  • Writing or editing software lifecycle documents, API guides, and developer documentation
  • Perform file conversions, typically to Confluence wiki format, and other file operations as required (could include work in video formats)
  • Remediating Microsoft Office documents for Section 508-compliance
  • Supporting project management by preparing team process documents

Website Design Tasks

The documentation team is adept at organizing complex information for clear presentation in a website. Using Lucid Chart, Balsamiq, and other tools, we can design menus and information on web pages.

Benefits of Involving the Documentation Team

Involving the documentation team in your project has many benefits, some of which follow.

  • Documentation is clear and accurate, supporting ease of task completion and expanded and optimal use of applications.
  • Documentation meets standards including Section 508 compliance.
  • The NCI Wiki is organized to make information easy to find.
  • Wiki users are able to readily create new wikis and expand existing content including new topics and new formats.

Documentation Feature Catalog

The Documentation Feature Catalog demonstrates selected features available on the NCI Wiki. Examples of these features implemented using a site generator are also included for exploratory purposes.

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