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You can attach images at any size and change the display size in Confluence. Thus, you can use the original image capture which provides the best resolution with the least loss of data. 

To resize an image:

  1. In the page you want to change, click Edit
  2. Select the image you want to resize. The image properties panel appears. Choose one of the following resizing methods:
    • Enter the desired width in pixels; the height changes proportionally.
    • Click one of the size buttons to use the preset small, medium, or large sizes.

When choosing a size, keep in mind the following points:

  • For thumbnails, consider setting the width to 120 pixels. (The reader can click the thumbnail to expand it.) 
  • For icons, consider 20 pixels. 
  • Some readers may be able to open a browser window 13 inches to view the entire width of a very large image, but some might not. It depends on monitor size and screen resolution. Wider images make scrolling necessary. 
  • The following table provides suggested pixel widths, calculated based on 72 pixels per inch:

    Image Width in InchesWidth in Pixels
  • Some readers may decide to export wiki content to PDF. If that wiki content contains a very large image, or a table with a large image in each column, the PDF cannot display the full width of that image or table. Consider up to 600 px for a PDF in portrait layout or up to 930 px for landscape layout. For more information, refer to the following Atlassian knowledge base article: Exit Disclaimer logo


If the browser does not render the image properly, resize it in a tool, either to the exact dimensions or to a percentage of the original size. If the image was imported from Microsoft Word, removing the exact dimensions from the import may solve the problem. If the image then becomes too large in the wiki, resize the image to a smaller size.

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