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You can display computer code on a wiki page either inline or as a block of code. 

Inline Code

The markup for monospace type is double curly brackets:

{{monospace type}}

Type the double curly brackets in the Confluence editor, followed by your monospaced content, followed by closing double curly brackets. The system converts the double curly brackets into the following markup in the XHTML:


For information on other keyboard shortcuts, refer to the following Atlassian help page: Exit Disclaimer logo

Block of Code

To display a larger amount of computer code on a wiki page, use one of the following macros:

In the examples that follow, each macro contains a URL so it would not be live on the page. This is useful for historical URLs. Most often this macro is used to display executable code so that reserved characters appear as they do in the code.

No Format macro

Code Block macro
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