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What is a wiki?

A wiki is an environment for wiki content. We have the following wikis:

What is a child page?

A child page is a page that is subordinate to another. 

  • When you are viewing any page, you can determine whether it has one or more child pages. In most wiki spaces on the NCI Wiki, the sidebar provides a list of links representing the child pages of the current page.
  • To create a child page, click the Create Content icon in the upper right, select a template, and click Create. Create child pages for content that is related to the content of the higher level page, but more specific.

What is a wiki space?

A Confluence wiki space is a group of pages that are administered together. For readers, authors, and editors, a space serves to organize pages on closely related topics in one place.

To navigate to and browse a wiki space:

  • Click Spaces in the upper left and select the link for a space from the list.

A space opens at its wiki home page. Like every Confluence page, this wiki home page can have child pages.

  • To view the links to the child pages, open the sidebar.

What is a page family?

Typically the child pages of a wiki home page are home pages for major topics in the space. The Wiki Tips and Guidelines page is an example of a wiki home page with child pages.

Each child page can serve as a topic home page, the top level page of a page family. A space can contain many page families.

Each topic home page can have any number of child pages. Each child page in turn can also have child pages. This forms a hierarchical grouping of pages (page family) on one topic.

To view the page hierarchy:

  • Click the Tools (...) icon above the page title, on the right side of the page. Select View in Hierarchy.
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