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The get-data macro displays stored field data and provides for formatting. When data is inside a table-data or repeating-data macro, the get-data macro can retrieve it.

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Get Data Macro

The general form is

{get-data:name=[Field Name]|format=[date or number format]}Default value{get-data}

In this example, there is no data to get.

{get-data:name=Group Name.Field Name|format=#,##0.00}Default value{get-data}

The output of the get data macro is "Default value."

Default value

In this example, there is a date to get.



The date data macro establishes the date, initially today's date when the macro was created. Afterwards, in the Edit Contents view select a new date from the calendar picker.


The date selected changes and the get data macro displays the last date selected when the page is saved and refreshes automatically.


Get-data Macro Used with Repeating-data Macro

The general form is



An example follows.

The date data macro establishes the date, initially the date the macro was created. The repeating data macro displays a plus sign in the Edit Contents view. Click the plus sign to add one or more date displays, selected from the calendar picker provided by the date data macro.



The get data macro displays data selected from the first date data macro only.


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