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When images or tables must be inserted between the numbered items in a list, use one of the following procedures to avoid disturbing the numbering sequence.

Using Line Breaks

  1. Using the auto-numbering feature, enter all of the text that must in the numbered sequence. In other words, enter every numbered step or item. Do not attempt to insert tables or images at this point. The numbering at this point should be complete and correct.
  2. Outside of the numbered list, such as at the end of the list, create the table or insert the image onto the wiki page.
  3. Place the cursor after the period at the end of the sentence preceding where you want to insert the table or image.
  4. Press <Shift + Enter>. This inserts a blank line after the numbered item and moves the cursor there without altering the numbering in your list. 
  5. Select your table or image. Press <Ctrl+C> to copy it.
  6. Place the cursor back at the start of the blank line you just created. Press <Ctrl + V> to paste your object. If you do this correctly, your object should be inserted between the numbered steps or items without disturbing the numbered order.
  7. Repeat this step for every object you want to insert into your numbered list.

Using the Source Editor

In the Source Editor, follow this pattern:

    <p>(Type instructions here.)</p>
    <p>(Insert image or create table here.)</p>
    <p>(Type instructions here.)</p>
    <p>(Insert image or create table here.)</p>
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