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We have multiple macros that add a list of links to child pages:

Macro NameChildren Display Page Tree Page Tree 
Macro Name in Source Editorchildren pagetree rw-pagetree 
Root ParametersParent PageRoot Page, Restrict to this Space KeySpace, Root page (page ID of root page)
Descendent ParametersShow Descendants, Depth of DescendantsStart DepthExpand depth
Excerpt ParametersExcerpt DisplayInclude Excerpts in the Page Tree(none)
Sort ParametersSort Children By, Reverse SortSort Pages By, Reverse Order(none)
Expand/Collapse Parameters(none)Show Expand/Collapse Links (CONFSERVER-60434 is a known issue.)Include expand/collapse buttons
Search Parameters(none)Include Search Box above Page TreeInclude search bar above page tree
Other ParametersNumber of Children, Heading Style(none)Theme, Space shortcuts, Space content menu
Visible in PDF?Links are visible in generated PDF.Expand/Collapse options are visible in generated PDF, but the links are not.Neither the Expand/Collapse options nor the links are visible in generated PDF.
ExamplesFor examples on this wiki space, try searching for the Children Display macro.For examples on this wiki space, try searching for the Page Tree macro.For examples on this wiki space, try searching for the Refined Page Tree macro.
Atlassian Help

Confluence: Page Tree Macro Exit Disclaimer logo

Refined: Page Tree Exit Disclaimer logo

All of these macros can be configured so that the list of links represents a whole wiki space, or just one page family. For definitions, refer to Definition of Child Page, Wiki Space, Page Family

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