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A hierarchy of small wiki pages is easier to maintain than one large wiki page with sections. However, if you want to divide your content into sections within a single wiki page, a table of contents at the top is helpful to the reader. 

Contents of this page

Avoid putting a Table of Contents macro on a page that is to be reused on another page via the Include Page macro, because the links will not work on the page where the Table of Contents macro is included. 

Create a new page with a table of contents

  1. Open the wiki page that will be the parent page of the new page. 
  2. Click the Create Content icon in the upper right corner of the page. Select the New NCI Wiki Page template. Click Create. The editing window opens. The page already has two sample headings with sample text, and a Table of Contents macro within a Panel macro. 
  3. Click Save. The table of contents appears. 
  4. Edit the page to meet your requirements. For more information, refer to Editing a Page

The Table of Contents macro creates a table of contents based on the headings on the page. For instructions on adding a table of contents to an existing page, refer to the following Atlassian help page:

 Table of Contents Macro Exit Disclaimer logo

Add headings to an existing page

If the page does not already have headings, you can add them. For example, to add a level 1 heading: 

  1. Type the following. 

  2. Type your heading text. 
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