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You can delete a page, comment, attachment, or blog post. 

  • For a comment or attachment: Click the Delete link.
  • For a page or blog post: Click the Tools (...) icon above the page title, on the right side of the page. Select Delete.

If the delete link is not available, contact your project manager or team lead about your permissions, or contact

You can delete several pages together, if necessary. For example, consider the following procedure if you no longer need a set of draft pages for a software release. 

To check for potential broken links before deleting several pages: 

  1. Move those pages into a separate page family. For example, you could create a "Pages to Be Deleted" page for this purpose. 
  2. Request a deletion of the "Pages to Be Deleted" page, which would also delete all of the pages within that page family. Confluence notifies you of links that would break if you delete that page family. 

Consider also checking whether the page is in use as an Include page somewhere. For instructions, refer to Finding Where Reused Content Appears.

If you proceed with the deletion, you can restore the parent page of the deleted page family (the "Pages to Be Deleted" page in the above example) from the Trash for reuse. The other pages remain in the Trash.

For more information, refer to the following Atlassian help pages: 

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