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To test your caArray application with sample data, please download the sample design file and the sample experiment data file below. The Step-by-Step Guide for Sample Data Loading and Testing will guide you through the data loading and the experiemnt creation process. The instructions will also show you how to validate whether your data is shared with other users on the caGrid.

Notes about the demo testing data

  • The Sample data works with caArray 2.0.x and above.
  • Do not change the name of the design file. The name of the design file is referenced in the experiment data files. Changing the name of the design file will result in the data validation failure.
  • To test your caArray installation with additional real data, you can download this data from the caArray community server. For example, you may obtain testing data from experiment Krahe-00060. On this page, click the Data tab. You can download the list of files used in the experiment. To obtain more design files, please follow the instructions provided in FAQ caArray039.
  • If you have any questions, please post on the caArray End User Forum. The Knowledge Center staff will be able to help you through the forum.

Thank you for using caArray.

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