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You can edit a collection. 

  1. Search for the collection of interest, as described in Searching for Collections. The system lists all collections that match your criteria.

    The edit icon in a list of collections.

  2. Click the edit icon for the collection you want to modify. A tree view and information panel appear.

    The Download Collection tree view and information panel.

  3. In the information panel, you can edit any of the following fields:

    Collection Name
    The system uses this name to create your ALS file name with the Collection ID and system timestamp. Keep in mind the following points:
    • Keep this name brief.
    • Avoid special symbols: 
           [     ]     \     /     ;     :     %     #     @     $     {     }     |
    • Collection Names cannot begin with the characters 0 through 9.
    • To avoid redundancy, do not include the string “ALS” in the Collection Name (the system prepends it to the file name).
    • The system appends your choice of PV or PVM to the file name.
    • You can create more than one collection, so consider using the project name or protocol.
    Collection DescriptionEnter a description.
    Recipient Email(s)Enter one or more email addresses separated by spaces for receipt of the ALS file.
    Change NotesEnter notes.
    Audit CommentsEnter comments. 
    (ALS Specific) RAVE Project NameSpecify the project name that you intend to import into RAVE. 
    (ALS Specific) Draft Form Name if Downloading CDEsIf you are downloading CDEs, optionally specify the draft form name. (If you leave this field blank, the system uses your user name and CDECart as the draft form name.) 
    (ALS Specific) Select User Data String SourceChoose PV or PVM.
  4. Click Save. The system saves your changes. 

  5. In the tree panel, click Download Detail. The system lists all of the items that you have added to the collection. To delete an item from the collection, select it and click Delete Item. A message at the top of the page indicates success. 

To request download of this collection, refer to Requesting Generation of a Download

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