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Currently planned for September 30th, 2015, NIH is sponsoring a workshop for discussion of CDEs across NIH.

Goals of the workshop

  • Convene the NIH community interested in Common Data Elements (CDEs) to support NIH-wide understanding of current CDE activities and opportunities.

  • Identify current barriers/challenges for the adoption and use of CDEs by NIH-funded researchers, both intramural and extramural.

  • Identify possible ways to modify development, implementation, and use of CDEs to increase adoption and value to research.

  • Identify incentives and opportunities for involvement of relevant communities in CDE development, harmonization, use, and re-use.

  • Develop evaluation plans for CDEs to test their assumed utility.

The workshop will feature CDE related Birds-of-a-Feature (BOF) sessions on topics including CDE reuse and harmonization, Big Data challenge, interoperability, operationalizing CDEs, and infrastructure and tooling. The on-site participation will be NIH ICs only, however the day includes two public sessions via webCast: the morning presentations and the late afternoon BOF report-outs and discussion.

Agenda to be published soon!

Check back, or click "watch" this page for more information about the workshop.

Workshop Organizers:

NIH OD: Unknown User (bournepe)     Jennie Larkin        Leslie Derr

NLM: Betsy Humphreys   Jerry Sheehan     Michael Huerta     Lisa Lang

NCI CBIIT: Unknown User (kibbewa2)    Unknown User (decorons)    Unknown User (reevesd)      Denise Warzel

NCATS:  Elaine Collier



The Trans-NIH BioMedical Informatics Coordinating Committee (BMIC) was established in the Spring of 2007 to improve communication and coordination of issues related to clinical- and bio-informatics at NIH.

Pre-workshop Webinar

NIH Common Data Element (CDE) Initiatives  - conducted Tuesday September 8, 2015, 12-1:30  

Webcast recording and meeting slides

  • Introduction by the ADDS - Phil Bourne
  • Overview of BMIC CDE efforts - Mike Huerta
  • Notes from the field – voices across NIH involved in CDEs and data standards.  Multiple uses of CDEs.
    • PROMIS CDEs - Ashley Wilder Smith
    • NIH PhenX Overview - Erin Ramos, followed by NHLBI Sickle Cell Disease CDEs Ellen Werner
    • NCI CDE overview - Dianne Reeves
    • NINDS CDEs  - Joanne Odenkirchen, followed by Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research (FITBIR) BRICS informatics system - Matt McAuliffe

Pre-Workshop Materials