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When you search for conceptual domains in OneData, keep in mind the following points:

  • Searches are not case sensitive. Searches for Gene and gene return the same results.
  • In any editable text field, enter a search string, complete or partial. This does not apply to numeric fields such as Public ID. 
  • In any editable text field, you can use a percent sign (%) as a wildcard. For examples, refer to Using Wildcards.  
  • The system processes search criteria as AND statements, so the results include only conceptual domains that fulfill all the criteria.
  • You can specify the number of results returned: Type a number in the Number of Rows field and press <Enter>.
  • When you remove or change search criteria, the system does not update search results until you click Apply Filter again.

To perform a data element search:

  1. Open a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox) and navigate to the portal. The home page appears.

  2. From the View menu, select Browse and then select Standard Conceptual Domains. The Standard Conceptual Domains page appears. (Logged in users can add pages like this to their favorites. For instructions, refer to Managing Your Favorites.)

  3. Specify one or more search criteria, as described in the following table: 

    Long NameType all or part of the long name for the conceptual domain. (To adjust search scope, click the Advanced Filter icon.)
    Conceptual Domain Public IDSpecify the full numeric value for a single conceptual domain public ID. (You cannot use wildcards in numeric fields.)
    DefinitionSpecify a search string for the definition.
  4. You can also create your own query to search, by specifying an explicit "where" clause.
    1. Click the Advanced Filter icon.
    2. Under Filter Options, select a column and then click >>. The name of the selected column appears in the text box.
    3. Complete the query string. (For example, if your query string is "a.CURRNT_VER_IND=1" when you click Apply Filter, the system returns all items of the latest version.)
  5. Click Apply Filter. The system displays the search results. By default, the system also hides the search criteria.

To view details about a conceptual domain, click the view icon in that row.

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