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caDSR Sprint 1.23 Release Notes
January 11, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Change Management: CSI: Ability to reassign to another CSI or delete CSI from Alternate Name and Alternate Definition Classifications.DSRMWS-1108
Change Management: Edit VM: add manually-curated Name and Definition.DSRMWS-1342
Data Migration: Use fresh caDSR production data for Sprint 1.23 deployment.DSRMWS-1381
Change Management: Forms: Differences between email and Excel download and UI.DSRMWS-1384
Change Management: Add new CD association to VM added to VD in different CD.DSRMWS-1396
API: Retrieve any administered item by public ID and optionally version.DSRMWS-1405
UI Changes: Hide Bulk Update Value Domain Attributes conceptual object.DSRMWS-1416
API: Update CTSU package.DSRMWS-1421
UI Change: Make Permissible Value columns in DE View/Browse and DE Maint object the same.DSRMWS-1428
Download: Add REDCap and Legacy CDE Browser Excel to the Download Collection Insert.DSRMWS-1432
Change Management: Delete CSI should physically delete CSI.DSRMWS-1435
Change Management: Improve the Edit VM hook displayed message.DSRMWS-1438
API: Promote the API Portal to PreProd.DSRMWS-1441
UI Changes: Data Elements - View/Browse CO: Change Language field from lookup to drop down in child filter 6.1 VM Alternate Names.DSRMWS-1450
Download: Sprint 1.22 - MDF Form Excel does not work on Stage and PreProd.DSRMWS-1476
API: Current caDSR API users CTSU Open requirements.DSRMWS-4
Downloads: Customer CDE Download in Legacy CDE Browser Excel.DSRMWS-6

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
Change Management: Delete Hierarchy does not delete forms with dependent modules - SAGGS.DSRMWS-1013
Change Management: Cannot set module Workflow Status to Retired.DSRMWS-1320
Change Management: Reassign CSI throw error if some AIs are already classified by both "From CSI" and "To CSI".DSRMWS-1376
Change Management: Reassign Context hook fail when try to reassign CS to a different Context. DSRMWS-1377
Change Management: Classification Management: Draft New CSI should not be hidden.DSRMWS-1407
Change Management: Create VM hook: Should only display Released CD in CD popup.DSRMWS-1419
Change Management: Change PV/VM Association Hook: Should use VD CD as VM CD if a new VM is created.DSRMWS-1420
Cannot add add manually-curated Name and Definition if VM has no concept. There is only one manually-curated alternate name and definition. DSRMWS-1425
Change Management: Edit DEC hook: Manually Entered DEC Long Name is ignored by hook.DSRMWS-1426
Change Management: Forms: System should display an error message when attempting to add a Retired CDE.DSRMWS-1427
Change Management: Classification Management: Sometimes shows duplicate CDEs in CSI-AI Relationship view.DSRMWS-1434
UI Change: Forms: Capitalize Set Default Valid Value for question hook name "Set default" to "Set Default".DSRMWS-1439
Change Management: Fail to add Blobs to Reference Document in all COs.DSRMWS-1451
Change Management: Forms: Lost privileges in Change VM Alternate Description and Change Value Meaning Text hooks.DSRMWS-1452
ALS: RAVE ALS - incorrect FormOID - adding "_1" to all form names.DSRMWS-1470
First Value missing for Check all Questions. DSRMWS-1477

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Change ManagementCSI WFS popup is not consistent and Change Data Migration.(None.)DSRMWS-1211
Change ManagementFail to create Form from Existing Form 3059592v1.0.Create the form with a protocol, then edit form and remove the protocol.DSRMWS-1286
Security FrameworkCreate a Training and Test Curator Role.(None.)DSRMWS-1351
Change ManagementBulk Edit VD: Fail to select a different Representation Term for VD.Workaround: To edit Rep Term, use Value Domain Maintenance dropdown "Edit VD" and specify Concepts. Existing Rep Term with the same concepts will be reused if it exists.DSRMWS-1372
APIDeploy NCIAPIPortal to all tiers.(None.)DSRMWS-1443
ALSRAVE ALS - form not generating File or email on QA Sprint 1.23.If the collection details are edited and saved after selecting the command to generate the download, the process will not complete. Select the command again.DSRMWS-1469

Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021
Sprint 1.22December 14, 2021
Sprint 1.23January 11, 2022

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