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caDSR Sprint 1.28 Release Notes
April 15, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
API: Example 1: Retrieve CDEs where a concept is primary Object Class.DSRMWS-92
API: NC3 CDMH NCATS APIs - Use Case 3 Get ModelMappedTableElements.DSRMWS-1467
caDSR Reverse: Get Final infrastructure in place.DSRMWS-1520
Change Management: AI Tool Command name changes.DSRMWS-1725
Change Management: Guest User should not have access to Download Collection. Throws Error.DSRMWS-1693
Security Framework: Add ability for Form Context Curators to Create Download Collections.DSRMWS-1722
Security Framework: Forms CO: Grant Context Curator privilege to classify common children.DSRMWS-732
UI Change: Please update guest account favorites on Dev tier.DSRMWS-479
UI Changes: Make Source Type default to "NCI_CONCEPT_CODE" - SAGGS Issue Raised.DSRMWS-903

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALS: Form: Duplicate CDEs on one Form - FormOID missing _n and DataDictionaryEntries Missing.DSRMWS-1741
Change Management: AI Tool cannot change CS long name.DSRMWS-1709
Change Management: Create CDE hook Validate wipes out Context on Dev tier.DSRMWS-1728
Change Management: Flattened View of Form includes Deleted Content.DSRMWS-1756
Change Management: Forms: Insert Form Alt name function is broken on Dev tier.DSRMWS-1701
Change Management: Forms: Sometimes see a blank page after delete a Module - SAGGS Issue.DSRMWS-930
Change Management: Forms>>Question Valid Value Command>Delete Valid Value Command shows up twice in drop-down list.DSRMWS-1771
Change Management: Missing contexts in Forms CO for non logged in user.DSRMWS-1763
Download: Adding Forms to Download Collect - Oracle Unique Constraint Violation.DSRMWS-1713
Download: Errors Generating Excel and XML files - no file generated on Dev tier.DSRMWS-1751
Download: Form Excel data has shifted.DSRMWS-1715
Download: Form Excel missing protocol.DSRMWS-1746
Download: Legacy Form Builder Excel.DSRMWS-1745
Download: Legacy VD Excel does not correctly download Classifications.DSRMWS-1744
Download: User Name in the WebMethods email is not being populated.DSRMWS-1755
Reverse: A Removed Question-CDE Associated still shows as associated in Reverse.DSRMWS-1731
Reverse: Deleted Question from Module still displays in Reversed API.DSRMWS-1719
Security Framework: Context Form Builder Curator.DSRMWS-192
Security Framework: Context Form Builder Curator for all Contexts - Create for Sprint 1.28.DSRMWS-1676
UI Change: NCI Standard Data Elements has incorrect filter settings on Prod for non-logged in user.DSRMWS-1437
UI Changes: AI and VD Maintenance: VD PV node: Origin Description column is missing in Sprint 1.28.DSRMWS-1764
VD Import Data Compare Criteria Case-Insensitive flag not working as expected - SAGS.DSRMWS-1506

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
ALSOrder of forms in ALS.(None.)DSRMWS-1603
Change ManagementClassification Management Issues - Sprint 1.27.(None.)DSRMWS-1711
Change ManagementForm Context Curator fail to delete owned form if form has common children that not owned by the user.Update Curators that if Form cannot be deleted by Form Context Curator to contact a Super curator.DSRMWS-1752
DownloadCaption change to Add using Cart caption.(None.)DSRMWS-1675
Go LiveSynchronization Steps.(None.)DSRMWS-1380
LoadingUML Loader and SIW pointed to caDSR reverse in the cloud.(None.)DSRMWS-121
SearchPreset Filters for CO and DO.(None.)DSRMWS-1703
Security FrameworkContext Curator can use OOTB "Restore" function to restore not owned items.(None.)DSRMWS-803
UIFont in different fields is not consistent in Template 5 - SAGGS.(None.)DSRMWS-1160

Known Issues Found in Sprint 1.28 Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint 1.28 testing.

FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number Fixes - Form collections.DSRMWS-1696
APIDefault Valid Value not displaying in new caDSR API For Question and Question Repetitions.DSRMWS-1720 
APIDomain Class Browser Form>>getProtocolCollection does not work.DSRMWS-1730
caDSR reverseSprint 1.28 remaining caDSR Reverse issues.DSRMWS-1767
Change ManagementCan not have same name Blob across the whole DB.DSRMWS-1761
Change ManagementCreate VD new version or Create VD from existing should not bring deleted PV back into new VD.DSRMWS-1766
Change ManagementDo not allow Duplicate Alternate Name/Type/Context for an AI.DSRMWS-1694
Change ManagementForm Context Curator fails to add Blob.DSRMWS-1760
Change ManagementGet problem to reorder question after delete form 11491316 then restore the form on Dev tier.DSRMWS-1710
Change ManagementRestore Hierarchies should not restore deleted question/module.DSRMWS-1772
Change ManagementSometimes deleted form is not restored correctly.DSRMWS-1769
Change ManagementUpdate warning message when Form Context Curator tries to work on a not-owned Form.DSRMWS-1759
DownloadImprove the email message when there are no details in a Collection.DSRMWS-1714
DownloadLegacy CDE Excel Broken on Dev and PreProd tiers.DSRMWS-1742
DownloadREDCap Form Download Fixes from Sprint 1.27.DSRMWS-1647
UI ChangesAI should display default WFS, Reg Status on UI when using OOTB Insert function to create new Concept/CD/Protocol.DSRMWS-1716

Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021
Sprint 1.22December 14, 2021
Sprint 1.23January 11, 2022
Sprint 1.24February 3, 2022
Sprint 1.25February 17, 2022
Sprint 1.26March 9, 2022
Sprint 1.27March 29, 2022
Sprint 1.28April 15, 2022

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