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caDSR Sprint Release Notes
July 7, 2022


The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
API: API Portal Improvements.DSRMWS-1877
API: Please provide an XSD for the Model Mapping APIs.DSRMWS-1878
caDSR Reverse: Fix CSI not displaying in CDE Browser under Data Element Details.DSRMWS-1797
caDSR Reverse: New Context does not show up in CDE Browser.DSRMWS-1798
Change Management: Update System Generated name for New Version.DSRMWS-1702
Change Management: Remove special character in Object Class 4873147v1.0 Long Name on PROD tier.DSRMWS-1913
Change Management: Make Reference Document Name for Preferred Question Text "PQT".DSRMWS-1886
Change Management: Make Reference Document Text Mandatory for Type containing "Question Text".DSRMWS-1883
Downloads: Add the Collection Description to the Email message for all types of Downloads.DSRMWS-1914
MWS Out of the Box: Delivery Options Forms 8.1 Node PDF Format missing columns.DSRMWS-1863
Performance: User Cart: Add and Delete from user cart.DSRMWS-1845
UI Change: Form view with Repetitions only show Question Reps with a specific Default Value.DSRMWS-1840
UI Changes: AI: Should display default WFS and Reg Status on UI when using OOTB Insert function to create new Concept/Context/CD/Protocol.DSRMWS-1716

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

DescriptionJira Tracker Number
caDSR Reverse: Ensure that new Reg Status, WFS, Format, UOM are reversed correctly.DSRMWS-1912
caDSR Reverse: Retest Reverse Blobs - sometimes they do not seem to get Reversed.DSRMWS-1817
Cart: Error adding 500 items to Cart via Data Elements View/Browse.DSRMWS-1930
Change Management: AI Tool and DE Maint: Search by Derived Data Element = No.DSRMWS-1611
Change Management: Can not have same name Blob across the whole DB.DSRMWS-1761
Change Management: CS Context still shows old context name after changing context name.DSRMWS-1651
Change Management: Edit VM: Cannot update VM Definition.DSRMWS-1879
Change Management: Form Context Curator fails to add Blob.DSRMWS-1760
Change Management: Forms: Able to add a Non Enumerated Default to an Enumerated Question.DSRMWS-1784
Change Management: Forms: Fail to create new Form version when Ref Doc Attachment (Blob).DSRMWS-1687
Change Management: Forms: Special characters < > in instruction cause error.DSRMWS-1901
Change Management: Forms: Update warning message when Form Context Curator tries to work on a not-owned Form.DSRMWS-1759
Change Management: Create new Alter Name Type 'CRDC Alt Name' and new Alt Def Type 'CRDC Definition'DSRMWS-1905
Change Management: Reference Document Blobs for PQT.DSRMWS-1882
Change Management: Reference Document Language Default EnglishDSRMWS-1876
Change Management: Change Management: Duplicate Alternate NamesDSRMWS-1708
System O&M: Set Logged in User Download Collection Refresh to Rolling 30 daysDSRMWS-1724
System O&M: CSRF errorsDSRMWS-1800
Downloads: Legacy Form Builder Excel Download Sheet Name with special characters.DSRMWS-1862

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

FeatureSymptomWorkaround (Other Notes)Jira Tracker Number
caDSR ReverseIssues with Bulk Loaded Concepts.NoneDSRMWS-1780
Change ManagementNeed ability to add PV Origin in Create PV/VM.None (Will Not Fix)DSRMWS-1733
Change ManagementVD Maint PV Node View >> Personalization pop.None (Cannot Fix)DSRMWS-1600

Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.

FeatureSymptomWorkaround (Other Notes)Jira Tracker Number
Bug LoadPV/VM Import: When  VM String Type="Text", incorrect Validation Message indicates VM Created after file is Imported.None (Fix in Sprint 34)DSRMWS-1875 
Bulk LoadPV/VM Import: Should report the invalid concept in the Validation Message.None (Fix in Sprint 34)DSRMWS-1939
Bulk LoadPV/VM Import: VM String field is editable in Sprint 1.32 but is changed to read only in Sprint 1.33.

Use Drop down to change VM Concepts. (Will not Fix)


caDSR ReverseError Protocol Lead Organization Name greater than 30 characters.

None (Fix in Sprint 34)


Data MigrationCheck Initial Reverse since it was not run - issues like Registration Status in Null instead of Application.

None (Fix in Sprint 34)


Release History

Sprint deployed.)
Sprint deployed.)

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