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If you have read-only access, you can review the sample composition summary.

To access characterization functions in the Navigation Tree

  1. Click Samples and Search Existing Samples.
  2. Fill in criteria, and click Search.
  3. Click Edit in the search results.
  4. The Navigation Tree appears on the left sidebar and comprises functions which you can use to add annotations to the sample.

    • General Info appears after you click the sample name and shows the Update Sample page.
    • Composition defines Nanomaterial Entity, Functionalizing Entity, and Chemical Associations.
    • Characterization defines essential physical characteristics that identify the material and structural properties via the Protocol and Physico-Chemical, In Vivo, and In Vitro Characterization.
    • Publication displays articles, books chapters, reviews and reports already added to a sample.

  5. Click Composition.  
    The All tab displays compositions already added to the sample by category. Additional tabs show items added to the sample for each subcategory.
    Composition Summary

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