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caBIO iPhone App Overview

The free caBIO iPhone Application (app) allows you to search caBIO on your iPhone or iPod Touch and thus is useful for quick searches of caBIO on the go. A caBIO iPhone App demo is available on the app's wiki page, and a limited guide is provided below.

Browsing caBIO

To view Cancer Gene Index data, type a gene, disease, or compound/agent term into the text field at the top and tap Search, as shown in the following figure from the app's wiki page. Because caBIO iPhone application does not suggest caBIO terms based upon the characters you have entered, you may sometimes have difficulty retrieving results for your exact desired term. If this is the case, try using the special character "*" that retrieves results will have zero or more characters in place of the asterisk (for example, hodg* for Hodgkin's lymphoma).

Search Tip

The maximum number of retrieved search results is 200, which you may increase from the default value of 25 by tapping Options button at the bottom right corner of the app and updating this value.

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The app will retrieve caBIO object records that match your exact search term and provide an unsorted list of objects, as shown in the following figure from the app's wiki page. Two or three pieces of information will be shown for each retrieved object: the object name in blue text, miscellaneous data specific to the object's type in black text (this may or may not be provided), and the class name in green text. Tap on any row to view the object's Attributes and Associations with other objects. You can view all of the object's attributes and associations by clicking on the blue object name link.

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For your convenience, the subset of caBIO classes that are associated with Cancer Gene Index are provided on the page caBIO Model - Cancer Gene Index Subset .

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