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TABLE 1: Example Subset of the Material File Format





Material Source Name

Material Name

 Manufacturer Lot Identifier

Material Description




G4 tris(hydroxyl) terminated PAMAM dendrimer





A detailed example leveraging data from the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory (NCL) NCL200612 is provided on the Material File Examples wiki page.


Material chemical name---The chemical name of the material or its constituent material.

Characteristics [ ]Characteristics--- An attribute of the sample and its constituents. The term for each characteristics [ ] attribute is written within brackets (for example, Characteristics [wall type], etc.). Nominal particle characteristics (or vendor supplied) should be included in the Material File as characteristics. Experimentally determined characteristics should be included in the Assay File.

Unit--- The standard of measurement used if the value for Material material characteristic value is quantitative and dimensional.


In the example below, Material M is comprised of A, B, and C and within Material M, A and B are linked and A and C are linked.

Material Source NameMaterial NameMaterial ConstituentMaterial Linkage Type
M-lab-1MA;Bcovalent linkage
M-lab-1MA; Ccovalent linkage

Material linkage type---The type of linkage present in a nanoparticle sample (for example, attachment, encapsulation, entrapment etc.). If the linkage type is an entrapment or encapsulation, the material type column can specify whether the constituent is entrapped or encapsulated 

Material data file --- The name of files (e.g. Image, Structures file) containing information about the material sample. There are a few ways to capture multiple files here. 1. Reference can be only one file per row. 2. Create an archive (i.e. zip, tar.gz) file containing all the relevant files and reference the archive file name in one row. 3. Reference each file separated by a semi-colon in the Material Data File column (e.g. "file 1; file 2") and replicate that format in the Material data file type and  Material data file description  fieldsname per cell.

Material data file type--- The name that defines the type of the material file (e.g. image, graph).


Term Source REF---The name which identifies the source from where a term is selected and entered in ISA-TAB-Nano study files. This name should match one of the names entered in the term source name field in the ISA-TAB-Nano Investigation File.

Other Material Fields

Comment [ ]---Any comment that provides additional information, which is added only when no other appropriate field exists. This field can be added any where within the Material File.