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  1. #Service Management consists of and API and example programs to load, index, publish, and manage both vocabulary content and service metadata for the vocabulary server. Examples are found in the admin directory of the LexEVS root installation directory.
  2. LexEVS Application Programming Interface (API) is comprised of methods to support Lexical Operations, Graph Operations, Value Set Operations, Authoring Operations, and History Operations. Examples are found in the examples directory of the LexEVS root installation directory.
  3. #Documentation consists of detailed JavaDocs and the LexEVS 6.0 Programmer's Guide and LexEVS 6.0 x Administration Guide.
  4. #Automated Test Suite is provided to validate the LexEVS installation. It includes relatively small sample vocabularies that can be loaded by the user. These can be found in the test directory and its sub-directory, testData.
  5. #Configuration and Resource Files provide custom configuration of the LexEVS runtime to users.



Additional information about the LexEVS API is provided in the LexEVS 6.0 Programmer's Guide. Information related to Service Management of a LexEVS Terminology Service can be found in the  LexEVS 6.0 x Administration Guide.

LexEVS Components (Detailed)


Automated Test Suite

A shell script providing verification of a correct installation of LexEVS.