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What's New

LexEVS 6.0 is the latest release. This release focuses primarily on alignment with standards. Other significant functionality added, especially in the areas of authoring APIs, value sets, mappings, and exporters top the list of enhancements, is as follows:

titleMigration for Previous Releases

For help with a migration from previous releases, refer to the LexEVS 6.x Migration Tips for 5.x Users. To see any of the previous releases, refer to the LexEVS roadmap.

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials


Refer to

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LexEVS Presentations
LexEVS Presentations



Query Service with Program Examples, included in the LexEVS base installation. Both Lexical Set Operations and Graph Operations are included for common vocabulary functions using a sample vocabulary and CodedNodeSet. This is described in the LexEVS 6.0 Installation Guide.

Example Programs and Verification Test Suite, included in the LexEVS base installation. The Example Programs provide a limited interactive demonstration of LexEVS capabilities. Both are explained in the [LexEVS:LexEVS 6.0 Installation Guide].

Code examples, LexEVS Example Code zip file available on GForge. These are code examples for subjects of frequently asked questions such as creating a coded node graph using the LexBIG convenience methods.

Documentation and Training

  • LexEVS 6.x Installation Guide - outlines the supported configurations and technical installation instructions for LexEVS Vocabulary Services for caBIG®
  • LexEVS 6.x Loader Guide - intended for a LexEVS developer and provides information about the loaders provided, mapping, and how to create your own loaders using the loader framework
  • LexEVS 6.0 Javadocs - There are several parts to the LexEVS Javadocs to consult depending on what you are looking for. To download any of the Javadocs, go to the Javadocs section on the downloads page. You will find one download including all the Javadocs.
  • To interact with a LexEVS server that is hosting terminologies remotely, whether it be your own or the services at NCI, view the Distributed Javadoc online.
  • The Grid Data Service for LexEVS sits behind a caGrid interface. Most users do not reach this service via the Java API and in fact only a single method in the caGrid API is of interest. It can be found in the Grid Data Service Implementation.
  • No formal LexEVS Server training courses exist in the caBIG® Learning Management System (LMS) at this time


In the spirit of open source NCIP invites you to participate in the community. The contribution process is described in LexEVS Community Code Contribution. LexEVS source code is in NCI SVN..

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