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  • The composition of the particle including nanoparticle entities (e.g. dendrimers, carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, etc.), functionalizing entities (therapeutic, targeting, and diagnostics entities), and chemical associations (chemical associations, attachments, or encapsulations between nanoparticle entities or functionalizing entities).
  • Physical characterizations performed on a nanoparticle including size, molecular weight, shape, purity, etc.
  • In vitro characterizations performed on a nanoparticle including cytotoxicity, immunotoxicity, and general toxicity characterization results.
  • Protocols for characterizations performed on nanoparticles or general nanotechnology protocols from biomedical nanotechnology studies.
  • Publications from biomedical nanotechnology studies.


How do I submit data into caNanoLab?
In order to submit data into caNanoLab, a user must have an account belonging to the data curator group. Once a user has the appropriate account, the user can login and submit samples and associated characterizations, protocols, and publications. A training video is available to assist in the data submission process.

Anchordata typesdata types What types of data can I submit into caNanoLab?

submit characterizationssubmit characterizations
How do you submit nanoparticle characterizations?
caNanoLab allows users to upload characterization files and submit data values through controlled metadata as well as uncontrolled metadata. All data values are entered as derived datum.

For example, to submit a Z-Average Size of 120 nm for a nanoparticle, the user would:

  1. Submit the nanoparticle sample
  2. Select to add the Size characterization from the Physical Characterization Navigation Tree item
  3. Complete required summary fields including characterization source and descriptive title
  4. Select to add Derived Bioassay Data (optional)
  5. Select to upload a file (optional)
  6. Select to add Derived Datum (optional):
    • Select Z-Average Size from the Derived Data Name
    • Select Mean from the Value Type
    • Enter the Value of 120 in the Value field
    • Select nm in the Unit pull down list
    • Add a description (optional)

Wiki Markup
Uncontrolled metadata can be submitted by selecting \[Other\] in any of the pull-down lists and entering the new term in the popup window.

Note, a user must have privileges to submit data to see the Add feature. Detailed information on submitting characterization data is available from the caNanoLab portal via the caNanoLab help link.

data types
data types
What types of data can I submit into caNanoLab?
caNanoLab provides support for a variety of different types of data including:

  • Nanomaterials and their composition
  • Nanomaterial Characterizations from physico-chemical characterizations
  • Nanomaterial Chracterizations from in vitro characterizations
  • Nanotechnology protocols
  • Nanotechnology publications

Who can I contact to submit data into caNanoLab?