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 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
64ScottTo follow up on URI's on OWL2 with Harold.   on hold
164CoryCory to add implementation to CTS2 implementations page.2014.04.30  on hold
185GilbertoCreate Jira for OWL 2 Annotation issue in the API.2014.05.28  on hold
197ScottDo a gap analysis on what the URI_Resolver logs and what NCI would like to know from these logs2014.6.18  on hold
200Larry/SherryQuery current LexEVS users about use of SOAP, REST or QBE services in the legacy caCORE api's2014.6.18  on hold
207CoryWrite issue against CTS2 OMG regarding the ability to return INACTIVE concepts only.2014.07.30  on hold
210Larry/GilbertoDetermine if there is a need to meet with the CTRP2014.07.30  on hold
212LarryInclude LexGrid XML Export as part of the 5.1 retirement notice. 2014.07.30  

on hold

224ScottURI Resolver - Provide overview of how to access the URI Resolver2014.09.03  

on hold

225ScottURI Resolver - Look at TLAMP and VSAC service to determine usage of URI Resolver2014.09.03  on hold
235Mayo/NCI TeamIdentify additional value set JIRA items to be included in 6.3 release.2014.10.02  done
237ScottFinal code deliverables posted to SFTP site and wiki pages updated.2014.10.02  open
244CraigPlan meeting with Tracy to discuss collaborative LexEVS development process2014.12.03  open
245Kim/NCIConfirm that the manifest and Tree Jar that Scott put on sftp will work. 2014.12.10  open
246CoryInvestigate if possible to use Apache as a proxy for NodeJS2014.12.10  


251CoryInstall NodeJS on NCI server.2014.12.17  done
251CraigUpdate 6.3 project plan to include 6.2 release activities.2014.12.17  done
252GilbertoProvide credentials to Cory for Protege server - to install Node.js and API doc tooling2015.01.07  done
253ScottLexEVS 6.2 sftp site to be updated with 6.2 related Jars2015.01.07  


254Tracy/RobEVS download page to be updated for 6.2.2015.01.07  


255ScottLexEVS 6.2 download page to be updated to point to the sftp site.2015.01.07  open
256GilbertoComplete OWL 2 review by Wednesday, January 142015.01.07  open
257ScottMeet with Gilberto to discuss OWL 2 duplicate relationships.2015.01.07  open
258NCI TeamProvide feedback on project plan.2015.01.07  done
259Scott/CoryVerify that all distributed interfaces that are exposed are surfaced.2015.01.14  open


Immediate Priorities and Problems (Mayo Team)


  • Spent time fixing the installer. Will have all the builds on the SFTP site and links to the builds from the 6.2 release page.
  • Support Item, value sets not resolving on Stage. This was a new problem. Noticed concurrency errors, but not sure why it happened.
  • LEXEVS-688 - would like Kim to provide feedback. Scott feels that no changes necessary.
  • Lucene Investigation - planning this last week and start to look at how to proceed.
  • LexEVS-679 - Documentation for loaders. Scott has updated the JIRA item with the links. Would like to have Rob and Tracy review the documentation to see if there is anything more to add. Loader guide also updated to include more errors. Will also provide links to existing documentation that may satisfy other aspects of what was requested in the JIRA item.


  • CTS2-27 (API Documentation)
    • Deployed service on Protege server.
    • Ports opened and verified.
    • Next step is to request an appscan. (Gilberto will request)
      • Both open ports should be scanned.
      • On production only one port would be open.
  • LEXEVS-581
    • Not needed for 6.3
    • Will update JIRA item.


  • Lucene Planning
  • LEXEVS-636
    • Would time out each time at 6 min 30 sec (on Prod)
    • Will try on Dev to see if there are same results.

Craig: Project Plan for 6.3 and 6.4

  • Lucene planning.
  • 6.3 release.



6.3 release planning, also 6.4 (Craig, Scott)

For the 6.3 release, the thought is that we may be able to deploy 6.3 to DEV.  Then the TERMs Browser can test/develop with the namespace fix in 6.3.  

  • If we decide to go with this plan, 6.3 may not have to go up the tiers.  This would save considerable time.
  • We would then wait for 6.4 to be complete (targeted for end of September 2015) to be in PROD.
  • When will Note that the TERMs Browser will not be ready to be deployed?  With this plan, they couldn't able to go to PROD until LexEVS 6.4 was deployed to PROD.
Tree Evaluation – Feedback

Kim will need to provide feedback.

  • Notes above



CTS2 API documentation

Discuss protege server deployment.

  • Notes above


Shady Grove Deployment

Firewall exceptions have been completed.

  • Final testing on point from stage to prod and prod to stage.
  • One final change to term browser - but should be fairly quick.


Distributed APIDistributed interfaces - review all that are exposed are surfaced. (Include in 6.3 if possible)
True ContainsConfirmed with Lucene instructor that functionality will be the same as before. Plan to review what exactly we are indexing and if we need to continue to do so. Also plan on reviewing all the search algorithms and decide if they are all still needed.


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