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  • caDSR Projects
    Focuses on specific projects. The pages include projects spanning across tools and products and projects involving inter-metadata registry sharing. For projects related to one specific tool, refer to the caDSR Database and Tools section.

  • caDSR for Application Developers
    Focuses on the software interfaces to the caDSR available to programmers and software developers. The pages include details on the caDSR API, XML messages produced and consumed by the caDSR products and the caDSR UML Model.

  • caDSR Installation and Implementation
    Focuses on Open Source adoption of the caDSR Database and Tools. The pages include ISO 11179 implementation extensions, software implementation architectures and Downloads.

  • caDSR Future Requirements
    We continually look at new requiremetns and have an initiative begun in 2014 to replace the aging software and infrastructure currently supporting caDSR end users.  This is an opportunity to link our efforts more broadly with NIH wide CDE and metadata initiatives.  Please see the caDSR Requirements pages for more information.



For a complete list of current caDSR Tool user documentation, application guides, release notes, and FAQs, see the caDSR Documentation wiki page.



Email address or URL


caDSR End User Discussions forum

caDSR End User Discussions forum

For end user issues regarding the caDSR tools and content

caDSR Developer Discussions forum

caDSR Developer Discussions forum

For developer issues regarding the caDSR APIs and use of caDSR Metadata

caDSR Users List


Archive for content users such as Curators

caDSR Developers List


Archive for developers using caDSR Metadata, such as UML Model owners (subscription required)

caDSR Tools Download List


For adopters

All NIH List Servers


Index of all NIH mail lists

CBIIT Support

NCICB Support


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