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 Description of the resolutionJIRA issue link
On the Characterization page, the Delete button is now left-justified.CANANOLAB-264
An Error message no longer displays appears while deleting a Functionalized Entity.CANANOLAB-464

The Elsevier link for caNanoLab now works properly. When a user performs an Elsevier search, caNanoLab returns a caNanoLab logo if the publication has linked samples in the caNanoLab database. If not, caNanoLab sends a transparent one pixel image.

The following is the URL format that searches caNanoLab for a DOI ID.

For example:

On the Samples→General Info tab, the Delete and Copy buttons are now left justified and the Reset and Update buttons are right-justified.CANANOLAB-512
When Adding or Editing on the Samples→Composition→Functionalizing Entity page, the box no longer has a broken right border.CANANOLAB-514
When Editing a nanomaterial entity for a Composing Element on the Sample→Composition→Nanomaterial Entity page, the box no longer has a broken right border.CANANOLAB-515

When you Search for Samples, select a long Sample name (such as, HarvardU_Harvard_MIT_BWH_HarvardSCA-JApterkarAN2009-11), and click the link in the Data Availability column, the data table borders no longer display appear beyond the popup box.