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  • Categorize JIRA items

  • Remove JIRA items no longer needed

  • Prioritize JIRA items based on F2F discussions


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Decision Points:
Backlog Review

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  • Reviewed LexEVS (25)
    • LEXEVS-3661 - No longer needed. Resolved
    • LEXEVS-3839 - Still needed - awaiting for content to be loaded on Prod.
    • LEXEVS-3134 - Can be used a a requirement for new Admin GUI.
    • LEXEVS-3334 - Problem still exists, need to determine if still a concern.
    • LEXEVS-2965 - Problem still exists.
    • LEXEVS-2959 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2822 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2523 - Still needed - awaiting final requirements. Tracy will investigate and update appropriately.
    • LEXEVS-2500 - No longer needed. Resolved
    • LEXEVS-2460 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2253 - Still needed.

Decision Points:

On Hold Review
    • Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-2218 - Problem still exists. Create a new JIRA item to "Provide Cleanup on Failure" and close this item.
    • LEXEVS-2131 - This issue is resolved. Resolved.
    • LEXEVS-2020 - Problem still exists. Move to active.
    • LEXEVS-1627 - No longer needed. Resolved.
    • LEXEVS-1461 - Verify and Resolve.
    • LEXEVS-1413 - No longer needed. Resolved.

Decision Points:

  • Further time needs to be spent to review backlog.